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RSCom specializes in intelligent phone and communications systems custom tailored for your business. Our full suite of office designed solutions includes, customized IP PBX, desk phones, mobile devices, unified communication solutions, internet and more.

Take your company to the next level with the most advanced platform in the market and keep your current numbers!

Services we provide
Hosted PBX
Hosted PBX
No more clunky equipment that goes obsolete before you install it. Stay current and efficient with the best hosted solutions in the business.
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SIP Trunking
SIP Trunking
Dedicated voice and internet paths for unparalleled stability.
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Porting numbers
Porting Numbers
Keep your numbers! Seamlessly transition your current office numbers to the most advanced IP PBX on the market.
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Dedicated private or public internet paired perfectly with our voice offerings for a total telecom solution you can thrive on.
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Connect anywhere
Connect anywhere
The phone system that follows you. Connect anywhere you have an internet connection
Multiple locations
Multiple locations
Our simple yet elegant platform means a single administrator can build out and manage multiple locations
Virtual local numbers from USA, Canada and the world keep you closer to your clients
Why do you need it?

The PBX has come a long way in the last 100 years.  The Telephone operator used to be a part of our everyday lives.  They connected us to loved ones, places of commerce and of course our business contacts.

In a very real sense, that is exactly what the PBX still does today however it has changed with advances in technology.  While we do not have the same relationship with the operators of yesteryear,  the process is still important in our everyday lives.  Although we have taken the human element out of the middle, we've added previously unimaginable features like simultaneous ring, personalized IVR (Interactive Voice Response) and private data connections to help keep you connected no matter where you are.  

The phone operators of today are supercomputers connecting us in ways we thought impossible.  RSCom is harnessing the ability to make businesses more intelligent while making your reach greater than ever.

Base Package
34.99 CAD Per seat + Tax.
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Keep it simple! Everything you need covered with one rate. No more complicated phone bills.

A functioning conference bridge, two local numbers, e911 access, customized IVR and directory listing, true unlimited calling for the US and Canada and free porting of your current numbers. All of this and much more is included on a per seat basis.

Add-on Features
  • Toll Free numbers and service available!
  • World Wide International calling
  • Call recording
  • Conference Calling/Bridge
We offer and can fully integrate with the following hardware and software:
Any SIP-enabled equipment
The only question left is when do we begin?
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